Ghost Menthol Ultra Strong Liquid Herbal Incense 7ml


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You’ve probably heard of the Ghost Menthol Ultra Strong 7ml. There is no doubt because it is one of the fastest rising names in the liquid incense industry. Our store is proud to offer it to you, our beloved customers. It is one of the latest additions to our growing collection of liquid incense blends.

Ghost Menthol Ultra Strong Liquid Herbal Incense 7ml

How does the Ghost Menthol Ultra Strong 7ml work? It is burnt in a ventilated space so that the aroma can spread around and create a positive vibe in the environment.
It can turn a bad into a good mood within seconds of burning! The liquid incense can boost your creativity level and imagination due to its invigorating and refreshing scent and flavor. With it, you will come up with better ideas and solutions, which are hard to come by when you’re under stress.
However, we recommend starting low because it is extra strong. It is not for the faint-hearted. Be able to gauge your body’s reaction before increasing the amount to use for a pleasant experience